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From the time we are born this superficial world tries to teach us how to think, who we should be, what to wear, how to act. Over a period of time we become identified with this inauthentic self as our real self. The 'Hero's Journey' is a process of deconstruction that sloughs off the 'dross' taking us into our authentic and true state of being, Deconstructing is a painful process at times but a necessary part of our human journey if we are to metamorphosize into the greatest version of who we were created to be.

  AUD $ 650

Medium:        Acrylic on canvas + mixed media.  Framed with a wood black shadow box.

Dimensions:  54 cm x 54 cm x 5 cm depth

Weight:          2.3 kg


I ship world wide. Cost of shipping is calculated on where in the world you live.             

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