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I am an abstract artist from Perth, Australia. I have always been a creative type, designing fashion and jewellery, taking photographs, making film, and producing music. It is not surprising that I would one day venture into the world of drawing and painting. I attended art classes once a week about five years ago and fell in love with making art even though I was terrible at it. The art classes were tailored more to realistic art, and although I mastered it fairly well, there was something deep inside me that wanted to rebel against colouring inside the lines and on small pieces of paper, so I broke out and started to experiment with abstract art, on very large canvases, using acrylic. I had finally found my niche! 
Doing really big art pushes me to the edge of myself every time. It allows me to dig deep and express myself completely, no holds barred. With each piece that I start I never have a preconceived idea of what I am going to do, but instead allow myself to be present and in the flow, with the paint, the brush, and the strokes. It is a process of meditation where I have one foot in a other-worldly place and one foot on earth. As you can see I love bright colours, they represent my heart, my soul, and my personality. I live by the premise of 'bring joy to every place you go and to everyone you meet.' I want my art to uplift, to make you feel something, to make you think.

When I am not painting I am creating and producing electronic music, taking photographs, or campaigning for the environment.

If you would like to know more about a painting or for any inquiries please email me at or let's chat live on here.



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