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'Antarctica' is a powerful painting rich in symbolism and painful emotions. Global warming melts the ice and dangerously elevates sea levels around the world causing flooding and displacing people. Loss of habitat for animals results in the extinction of species. Corporate greed like a hungry wolf sits waiting to push its way into this pristine habitat to extract oil. Mother Nature fights back!


I am passionate about doing everything I can to conserve and protect the environment. At every opportunity I get I will call attention to her plight so that we can all come together to incite change. 

 AUD $ 3,700

Medium:        Acrylic on canvas + mixed media. Framed with a black shadow box wood frame. 

Dimensions:  125 cm x 125 cm x 6 cm depth


Weight:          7.5kg

I ship worldwide. The shipping cost is quoted separately depending on where you live.

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