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The world was spinning out of control before 2019, it was only a matter of time before we hit a wall. I knew it was coming. The pandemic ushered in a collective dark night of the soul and the great awakening. Those who had already awakened held the light and the space for those who endured turmoil and anguish. The new world is about to be birthed, it's been messy but what is to come will be glorious.

This is the first time I limited myself to just black and white, it was tough at the beginning because as you can see from my work I love colour. Restricting myself turned out to be a liberating journey because it forced me to try something new, to venture down a pathway I had never been before.

 AUD $700

Medium:        Acrylic on canvas + mixed media. Framed with a beautiful black box frame.

Dimensions:  63 cm x 64 cm x 4 cm depth

Weight:          2.8 kg

I ship world wide. Shipping costs are dependent on where you live. 

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